Independent eating-encouraging young children to self feed

Meals are sacred times- to nourish our bodies as well as have a social interaction with people around us by eating together. We already know why force feeding ought to be avoided. But how does one encourage independent eating in young children? This is especially difficult in the Indian millenial setup. Here is what helped us, and what I recommend parents too.

1.Revise expectations

Although this is about independent eating in children, the role of the adult is most important. Yes, there will be messes. Yes, the child may eat 3 bowls today and just 2 spoons tomorrow. It’s okay. What helped me was, reminding myself that my job was to offer, show, be patient and trust that V’s understanding of her body. My happiness is not linked to the size of V’s belly.

2. Dedicated eating area

Always have a dedicated area for mealtimes. It could be a weaning table or a dining table or a corner of the living room floor. It reinforces to the child that this is a special area where only eating takes place.A weaning table is especially useful for starting baby-led weaning in infants. However, due to space constraints, we directly started having family meals with V, with the booster chair on the floor. 

3. Welcome your sous-chef

Involve the child in as much food preparation as possible. Children under one can easily help with washing vegetables or sorting them or peeling potato skin. Toddlers can help in chopping, measuring, loading cookers, cleaning greens, etc. These are also irreplaceable sensory experiences- smelling masalas, feeling textures, etc.

4. Transition chores

Children can also help with other chores like setting the table, transporting food from kitchen to serving area, laying out placemats, plates and water, etc. Simple laminated placemat printables available online can make it easy for toddlers.
These jobs give the child a sense of independence, help self-esteem because they are doing purposeful and useful work, and give her a chance to refine movements.

5. Serving

By the time the child is 1-1.5 years plus, she can be encouraged to put food on her plate on her own. This helps in multiple ways- understanding the difference between cutlery used for sabzis or gravies; conservation of space, sequencing tasks, and taking responsibility for their own feeding.

6. Eating together

It is important that the child eats with the rest of the family, so that she has a chance to observe how we eat– peeling off chapatis, dunking the dosa in the sambar, putting it into our mouth and chewing. She also needs to understand that eating is a pleasurable activity. We usually keep conversations light and talk about our day while at the dinner table. Apart from just eating habits, this has also helped V learn table etiquette, phrases like ”please pass the..” , sharing, portioning and trying out everything on the table.

7. Self-feeding

And once we sit down as a family to eat, it is important that the child has cutlery of her size. We use regular child sized steel plates, spoons and forks sourced from the local utensils store (perks of living in chennai). A small open tumbler and jug to pour water from encourages refinement of motor skills.
It also goes without saying, that for the child to have a positive relationship with food, there be minimal or zero distractions in the form of screens, books or stories.
Let the child have the freedom to choose how much she wants to eat. Let her explore the food with her fingers or the spoon. We can show her once in a while the right way, and then give her time to master it so that it doesn’t get irritating for her.

8. Cleanup after eating

Encourage the child to help in cleanup as well. Putting plates away after eating, picking up messes and a simple washcloth to wipe the table after done, for example, to reinforce that eating time is now over.

9. Eating at school

Choose a school that is supportive of your family’s choices and philosophy when it comes to independent eating, so that there is minimal confusion for the child.

10. Some common difficulties

What does one do when an older child keeps moving or running away in between food? When the child sees good behaviour with food modelled right from the start, the chances of this happening are very less. However, ask yourself if this is a one off situation. Is she restless today because of the weather/ other disturbances/ happenings at home or school? If it happens on an everyday basis, remind her firmly but gently, that she can play or paint AFTER finishing her food and clearing away her plate.

And what does one do when well-meaning relatives insist on force feeding or distraction-feeding the child? I used to speak for V. I believe that children need to hear their safe space, their parents be their voice, when they lack one. Tell firmly yet gently, ” I trust V will be able to eat as much as she wants on her own. Please trust her as well.”

And what about the mess? A simple bib and mat/ newspaper under the chair and encouraging the child to help with cleanup is easier on us.

In conclusion, yes, involving the child in food prep or cleanup will take much longer. It may not seen the most efficient or fastest way to us, but it is a chance for her to refine her movements and learn. We need to remember that we will be doing her a great injustice by swooping in and ‘helping’. Yes, handing over the reins to the child is scary because it requires us breaking away from conditioning. But is it worth it? Yes. Mealtimes at home as well as outdoors are a breeze now, for both V and us. Food is treated with reverence and love, as it should be.

What makes an activity, montessori?

The easiest way to start montessori practices at home, is to start with structured activities. Although, not the earliest. Montessori, like I keep reiterating is a lifestyle, and you can read more about incorporating it, here. But what makes an activity, montessori? How does one sieve through the million ideas available on Pinterest and choose activities for the child? I hope to answer that in this post, and the ones that follow. For now, here is a checklist that would help you set up an activity for the child.

1. Child- directed

First off, montessori activities are child- directed. The child is free to choose the activity, work on it at their own pace for as long and as many times as they would like.

2. Hands-on

Activities that involve doing actively, do a lot more for the child than passive activities. This also follows the principle of concrete to abstract.
For example, a child would learn a lot more by working with a shape-sorter toy ( manipulating the pieces into the hollows), than say, flash cards on shapes.

3. Involve the senses

The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge.

Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

Like we now know, the child learns through sensory exploration. This is on par with the multisensory theory of learning, that reinforces the use of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile senses during any learning. Use of smell, balance and taste are add-ons.
For example: using a flash card to “teach” a child – apple. And an alternate scenario- where an apple is handed over to the child. She sees it, smells it, feels it, transfers it around her hands, maybe bites it, ultimately learning and remembering it.
This may also explain my open disdain of worksheets, for children below 3 years of age.

4. Isolated skills and concepts

A montessori activity targets only one skill or a concept at a time. Some activities need ti be broken down into concrete, smaller steps which must be completed for the final outcome.
One would notice this in montessori materials as well, such as the pink tower or cylinder blocks, where one particular quality is isolated, making it stand out for the child.
Let us consider an example. The child is focussing on the skill of sorting or visual discrimination. Instead of using a toy that overwhelms the child with multiple shapes, colours, etc, one can start off with simple sorting of laundry. Maybe start off with only matching her socks, amongst a pile of her socks. Then move on to sorting pairs of all sock sizes. And then move on to finding matches from the whole laundry basket.

5. A complete activity

The activity must have a sensible beginning, middle and end. This is to facilitate the sense of accomplishment and sequence.
For example, for an activity set up on a tray in our shelf- V would start with bringing the tray to the work space, playing with it, and then keeping it back.
Or a simple task like chopping paneer would start with her arranging the chopping board, doing the actual cutting, and finish with cleaning and putting away.

6. Have a purpose

I have a confession. Once I had set up a number recognition activity with peg clips for V. And she asked me, “but why amma?”
I learnt a huge lesson that day. A child is motivated to work something they enjoy doing, have a developmental need for, or something that has an immediate purpose. Which is why, encouraging the child to button up her shirt on her own makes more sense than using a buttoning frame at home. Or, like I figured, a walk around our apartment and calling out numbers on car plates to search for our car was more fun.
And this is why, I am a huge advocate for practical life activities right from birth. The child is happier helping with peeling potatoes when she knows the potatoes go into our dinner, than peeling stickers or velcros off paper.

7. Increase concentration

I am often asked how and why I rotate toys only once a week, and if V doesn’t get bored working with the same activities all week. A montessori-aligned activity facilitates repetition, thus increasing focus and concentration. It goes without saying, that the child must be given uninterruption and the time to work at will.

8. Control of error

Montessori materials are self-correcting. Meaning, the material points to the child if they have succeeded or not. This, apart from immediate feedback, again facilitates concentration until the child feels accomplishment upon completion.
For example, peg puzzles of different animal shapes would facilitate the placement of only a particular piece in one hollow. There is no need for the adult to point out if they are right or wrong.
This is also why, a plastic stacker toy would be more montessori aligned than wooden jigsaw puzzles that are not self-correcting.

9. Natural materials, real experiences

This figures last on my list because it is least important. Yes, children are naturally attracted to natural elements and materials, they are safer, one of a kind and beautiful. However, as long as one’s priority is giving real, authentic experiences to children at home, it is okay if one uses what is feasible.
For example, working in the kitchen with real food preparation over an expensive wooden pretend play kitchen set.

Is it possible to follow all the pointers on this list, all the time? Perhaps not. But keeping these pointers in mind would help us make sensible, child-friendly choices while setting up activities for our young children.
Absorb everything, and incorporate as much as possible.

Gentle-weaning my toddler

Did you know that in mystic thought forty symbolizes the ascent from one level to a higher one and spiritual awakening? When we mourn we mourn for forty days. When a baby is born it takes
forty days for him to get ready to start life on earth. And when we are in love we need to wait for forty days to be sure of our feelings

Eli Shafak, The Fort Rules of Love

I have always wanted to write about our breastfeeding journey, but it has been too personal a bond, that writing about it seemed like sacrilege. However, after 40 days, today I feel differently.

At the outset, let me clarify that this post isn’t intended to belittle any parent’s personal choice about weaning-when and how. That is a personal choice every parent makes. It isn’t intended to make anyone feel superior or horrible about how long or short a time one breastfed for. However, if you are contemplating, letting your child self-wean and wondering if it is possible, this is to let you know that it can happen. If you are going through sleep regression with your child or in the terrible tantrums stage, this is to assure you that there is a silver lining after all! Because, exactly 6 months back, when she was nursing round the clock like a newborn, I would have killed to read or feel that it is possible.

We believe in gentle weaning or letting our toddler self-wean, simply because breastfeeding is a relationship between 2 people and ending it should be decided by one or both the parties mutually. And since it meant more to her- physically, emotionally and partly nutritionally, I decided to trust her to let go when she is ready.

How it happened

Baby V was nursing like a newborn between 20-24 months and I was at my wits end. It was a very frustrating period. However at some point after 2 years, she did start dropping day feeds. Then she breastfed only before her naps and one fine day, that stopped too, on its own! Obviously, if I had it my way, I’d have loved to night wean first and then day-wean, but oh well!

So anyhow, sometime in November after the Diwali festivities died down, I had had a bad day with a low pressure attack due to too much work. Baby V saw the whole of it but said nothing. And that night, when we went to bed, the sweet little thing said “Amma, you’re tired no, I think I want to hear some stories and sleep tonight.” Just. Like. That. I thought it was a one-off incident and didn’t give it much thought, until the next night she said she preferred cuddling me and listening to her favourite stories and lullabies to mumum. Who was I to protest?! And before I knew it, before I had time to prepare, without warning, my little baby had weaned herself.

What we did

Well, it wasn’t a complete shocker, but still, these are the things we consciously did to support her, from the first day we felt weaning was going to happen soon.

1. Slowly slowly slowly, said the sloth

It is a long and gradual process. I think it took us 6 months for this to happen, and Im told this is relatively quick in general. We were prepared for it to take about a year and I’d like to think, somewhat, patient.

2. Don’t offer don’t refuse

I followed the “don’t offer, don’t refuse policy”. There were exceptions for terrible meltdowns, but overall after she started dropping day-feeds, I never offered her breastmilk. When she came and demanded or felt it was time to nurse, I never refused either. This was just an exercise to help her be a little more aware of when she ‘needed’ mumum.

3. Feeds out of boredom

There was a phase when V used to nurse simply because she was bored. Setting up a lot of outdoor and structured activities helped us both. She got to channelise her energies and I got to play with my girl a little more than usual. Of course, there were times in between play, when she would ask to nurse too, when I wouldn’t refuse.

4. Words

A lot of times, she would nurse was right after a meltdown or tantrum or when she would hurt herself. We used plenty of words. We never substituted mumum with words, but I made sure to give plenty of hugs, kisses and words of comfort before and during nursing. This was again to help her differentiate between the comfort offered from both.

And finally, coming to how I feel.

Although the WHO recommends breastfeeding for two years, I hoped I would have the strength and resolve to nurse for a year. That we got to bond this way for 2 years and 5 months is a feat in itself, considering how clueless I started out.

I’m in awe of my mammary glands. Nursing has helped us both. Apart from meeting her nutritional requirements- exclusively until 6 months and partly until she was weaned, it has helped me maintain my sanity. Nursing offered me a way out- a way to co-sleep and get my minimal hours of shut-eye, a way to sneak in those cuddles when either of us needed it the most, a way to calm her down when the emotions overwhelmed her and a way to handle her tantrums.

It is with gratitude that I look back at our breastfeeding journey, and I’m glad she has fond memories of it, until the very end. I’m glad I decided to trust my little girl and that she got to choose when she would wean. I’m thankful that there were no tears (from her side, there were buckets from me) and we had a good run.

I do not have the qualification or experience (I have only one toddler who communicates well), but I will end with this. There are plenty of ways to wean a child, some say cold turkey works, some swear by the Jay Gordon method, some say breaking the nursing to sleep association first is important and others say gently talking to your child helps. Whichever you choose, make sure it is the best for you and your child. And until then, especially on hard days, remember that it gets over in the blink of an eye.

Source- somewhere on the internet but managed to make me teary eyed. Weaning is the coming to end of a beautiful journey as much for the mother, as the child, no?

How to read to your infant

So you already know why it is important to read to your baby. But the quintessential question arrives- how do you go about it? Fortunately for you, I made a list.

1. Go by your child, not the clock

This is a universal rule applicable for almost every situation, no? So there are going to be days (sometimes stretching for weeks), when your baby would be interested in the book for 30 seconds, and sometimes it may stretch to half an hour. Either ways, follow your baby’s lead.

2. The surrounding

Have a dedicated reading corner. It helps if you have a routine, probably before sleep-time. But then again, follow your child’s lead.

Ensure that there are no other distractions or loud noises to over stimulate your baby.

Although we had a reading corner and started out reading in the morning and before sleep, owing to the house filled with my books, we sometimes picked them up at any point of time too, including, during travel.

3. Position

Goes without saying, choose a position comfortable to both of you- where your baby has a good view of the book, and yet is close to you. Baby V loved to sit on my lap and be read to. On some days, during tummy time, I’d lie down next to her on my tummy, place the book in front if us, and let her explore.


Baby V perusing a book independently during tummy time- at 5months

4. The actual business

Now that you have the ambiance and baby ready, how do you actually read to him?

  • Don’t worry about reading out the sentences. You can just make up your own words and stories. Right now, its more about bonding and getting familiarized with books than actual syntax of reading.
  • Make sure you point out illustrations on the book with your fingers, and sometimes guiding your child’s fingers to do the same.
  • Make your reading as dramatic and rhythmic as possible. Use a lot of gestures and voice modulation. Scream, giggle, roar, make funny voices and noises.
  • Use plenty of repetition.
  • Feel free to use props if needed. Finger puppets and soft toys make wonderful props.
  • Also, make it  an interactive experience. ( ” wow, what a big ball this is! Do you see the ball too?”) Although he can’t answer back yet, he’ll soon be cooing and babbling along.
  • Just speak to your child. And most importantly, do not restrict yourself to English. Feel free to improvise in your native tongue too.

Reading to your child

Doesn’t matter what the book is, as long as both of you are having fun

5. Bonus tips

Give plenty of space to your baby to explore the book on his own too. Board books and fabric books, therefore, make an excellent choice at this stage.

Give him a choice. Either about the time to read or the book to read.

Children learn through imitation- even if they are only a few months old. Go ahead and let him see you read too.

Reading to your baby

Ask yourself the question- what is the ultimate aim- that your child learn something? start reading independently? have fun? learn to love reading? all of the above?

And of course, we arrive at our last question- What do we read?

Watch out for the next in this series for a list of must-have books for 0-1 year old, that wont burn a hole in your pocket.

Toilet learning- the Montessori way

Phew! Just when you think you have diapers and a poop routine figured out, people start asking if your child is toilet trained yet! The woes of  a parent never end eh?!
Why toilet learning? Why not toilet training?
Toileting is more than just a milestone. It is an everyday skill that is about independence and self esteem.
Toilet learning, is more child-led, more about a child learning to use the toilet and less about an adult telling the child “you’ve gotta pee now, the way i want, when i say so”.

Montessori bathroom

Child sized bathroom fittings in a Montessori set up

1. Readiness

Obviously one cant expect a 2 year old to write 4 languages. Similarly, the sensitive period for starting toilet learning happens somewhere around 12-months, give or take.
At months baby V finally started showing signs of readiness. By this, I mean, she started being aware of when she wanted to pee and when she was peeing (this started with a keen interest in pee). Also, almost no pee during naps and an almost dry diaper at night  ( indicating quite a bit of voluntary sphincter control). She also showed some signs of cognitive readiness- able to understand/ follow basic instructions and communicate. And that is when I decided to start “toilet learning”. We are still in the process, so this is more of me jotting down pointers for myself as much for others.

2. Materials

Goes without saying, training pants or underwear are amazing, as are cloth diapers because, the child can immediately feel wetness and understand that it is pee.
So ditch those disposables and stay-dry cloth diapers for a while.
It also helps to have a potty seat/chair or ring reducer so that the child has a designated potty space. The potty chair is wonderful as the kid can independently use it. Somehow I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of 2 transitions and directly started her on the ring reducer. Helps to have a step stool so that the child can independently climb up and off the seat with minimal help.
As they get older, clothing choice makes a difference too- always easy to pull up frocks or pull down pants as opposed to difficult to maneuver zippers or buttoned pants.


Cloth diapers and training pants – Hello new best friends!

3. Consistency

The child needs to associate the wash room with “toilet business”.
Can be done by
A. Taking her to the washroom at regular intervals (personally I found this difficult and confusing for baby V, but some children are more comfortable with this)
B. Taking her to the washroom as soon as she shows signs of expelling waste.
C. Taking her to the washroom to clean up after an accident. Always. I started changing her underwear/ diapers in the washroom and within a week she formed the association.

4. Disturbance

Respect the child’s space. If it is time for you to take her to the washroom, but she is engrossed in an activity, wait until she finishes it.
Also, do not distract your child when she is on the potty and seems to be taking longer or irritated.

5. Reward

Okay I really really need to work on this point. The reward of the whole act of learning to use the toilet on their own is the accomplishment and independence itself, the pure joy of unlocking something, the realization that they can do something this important on their own now. So ideally no gifts or prizes, but most importantly(gulp) no/ minimal praise. I am following a genuine verbal praise only policy because I am still struggling with any form of minimalism.

6. Patience

As I see and learn everyday, there are going to be hits and misses– probably more misses than hits. Baby V had a bad bout of viral fever for a week and went into a toilet learning regression; it took us about a month to get her schedule and toilet learning back on track. Some kids learn in 3 days. Some may take a month, some more. Be patient and understanding.
If she wants to clean up her mess after an accident ( happens all the time here), let her. Dignity of labor is an important value that can be taught. But ensure that cleaning up isn’t used as a means of shaming the child or as a punishment (Example –
A.”Look what you’ve done, you naughty girl! Clean it up yourself!!”
B. “Would you like to help me clean up?”)

7. Resources

I loved Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jaimie Glowacki. Potty  by Leslie Patricell is a cute book too, if you want to reinforce it through a book.

8. Bonus Tip

Although this is not always possible, when the child sees you use the washroom to relieve yourself, they imitate and model behavior. So, if not them standing over you, supervising you while you are at it ( unfortunately, I know how this feels) ; even telling your child before you use the washroom ( putting it into words) helps.
A clear note helps, ( ” I am going to go *insert word here* in the bathroom) rather than a vague, open ended one ( I am going to use the washroom)
Hope this was useful. I’l keep updating this post as and when I think of more.

Motherhood and the Jekyll-Hyde paradigm

There is this saying in Tamil, that a delivery is equivalent to rebirth for a woman. Someone told me it is because, a woman goes through excruciating circumstances and puts her life at risk during birthing. I now realize, that it is because, motherhood changes you into a different person.

Birthing changes you

When Pooja told me that she was attempting the herculean task of bringing together 41 moms from around the world to share how motherhood had changed them, of course I jumped at the opportunity, because I can write about this with my eyes closed, right? How wrong I was. This post is a result of many nights of soul searching and digging deep.

So apart from the very obvious ways in which motherhood has changed me – jeans size, changed priorities, lack of time, exhaustion and the works, I’ve realized that I have become a bundle of paradoxes. Read on.

1. Natural and self-conscious

My consciousness when it comes to physical appearance, hair care, clean houses has gone for a toss. However I now monitor myself like Big Brother. I know there is a tiny little human who is watching my every movement, word, action and choice; and trying to emulate the same. So no more casual self body shaming remarks or swear words!

2. Strength and weakness

I’ve found in myself, this deep abyss of strength I never imagined I could possess. I remember thinking during labor, ” Nothing can be more painful than this. Everything else will seem like a breeze after this.” I was wrong. I derive strength from the responsibility I shoulder for my little. I have marched through some tough patches with a head held high and barely blinking an eyelid.

At the same time, I know that the sight of my daughter in pain can reduce me to tears. I know, that I will never stop worrying or fearing for her well being. Like countless moms said, she is a piece of my heart walking around outside my body.

3. Compassion and ferocity

I know now what it is like to care for another person unconditionally and always put them above yourself. I know now how exhausting, draining and painful it can be. I’m closer to my mom and understand her struggles. I’m a lot kinder to moms now. I don’t tsk tsk when i see a mom lugging around her crying toddler now.  I just offer her a sympathetic “I feel you sistah!” smile. I don’t judge when i see a mom raising her child differently.

But I do not hesitate to mince words either if someone does that to me. Random people have been at the receiving end of my fierce words when I’ve been given unwarranted advice to wean/ discipline/ introduce screen time.

4. Confidence vs self doubt

I am usually the confident amma who rules it and slays it like a boss. Most days, I’m on top of my game- the toddler’s favourite food is ready on time, we have activities planned through the week, the house is spic and span, and I’m sashaying around happily.

But there are ugly days when I’m riddled with exhaustion, self doubt, and mom guilt. The ” am I doing enough for her? ” and ” am I giving her the best?” kind of days. Yes, it takes effort to push out that negativity.


5. Value of community and values in community

Motherhood has taught me the importance of support. Be it my virtual mom friends who are awake at the same odd hours as me or a circle of prospective play dates for baby V, motherhood has increased the value of community and society. I no longer am a recluse. I see the value in giving back to society. I am a regular in organizing meets ( real and virtual) around the city or – be it cloth diapering or montessori.

At the same time, I’m forced to call out society on certain harmful practices. The ingrained patriarchy or the objectifying of women for example. Why are baby girls clothes tighter, shorter and more fitting than baby boy clothes?

Why do i need to shave body hair or keep doing my eyebrows to be beautiful?

Why do i need to watch my weight?

Why are women on menses considered impure?

I am that bore now on all whatsapp groups who calls out on sexist and racist jokes sent as forwards. I’m that person “who cant take a joke” because I don’t find sexism funny.

And that is the beauty of motherhood. It has made me accepting of all these facets of mine. I’ve found my yin and yang within me and I’m at peace. 🙂



This post is part of a blog train started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies and she has networked to bring together 41 moms across the globe. Meet all 41 moms here. Pooja has also shared her own views on motherhood here.

I thank Rakhi for introducing me and giving me a hand aboard this blog train. You can read her post here .
IMG-20171012-WA0132Next in line is Smita from TheAverageMom– An author, mom, WIP wife, working mom, blogger, Instagrammer, and an average one at all roles. She loves to clean, cook, read, write and sleep and also make videos of her extremely busy toddler. An outgoing introvert, books and travel are her favorite pastimes. She blogs about her recipes, parenting and life in general.Make sure you visit her blog to read her take on motherhood.



“Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you.
You must travel it by yourself.
It is not far. It is within reach.
Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know. 
Perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land.” – Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass


Indeed, the doing matters more than the outcome! How often, have you wanted that promotion so bad, and worked hard towards it, to realize that the toil you put in and experience you gained helped you bag that promotion? How often have we visualized the perfect marriage; but aren’t the everyday moments we choose to compromise, forgive and understand what lead us to that 50th anniversary celebration?

Similarly, when children set out to learn a certain “something”, the journey to learn that is critical.

How my child goes about learning to add 2 numbers, for instance. Yes, of course 1+2=3, but how did she get there? This requires a lot of observation and introspection on the parent’s part.

  1. Did I give her the answer helpfully and with a smile cos I couldn’t bear to see her struggle? (Aahh, the dilemmas of every parent ever!)
  2. Did she just hear the answer once, and immediately register it to memory? (Signs of an auditory learner there)
  3. Did she see it in a book and write it down 5 times, so it became a fact? (Practice makes one perfect but isn’t this rote?
  4. Did she learn that counting is the concept represented by numbers? Either through montessori beads or fingers or animals (or books in our case ).
  5. Did she learn to count first, practise it for a couple of months counting anything and everything they came across? Did she then count 1 and 2, put it together and arrive at the answers making many mistakes along the way and learning from them?

Each route created a different type of learner, and certainly the last group of learners would emerge wisest and most confident, just because their journey has been most meaningful and enriching, gaining something at each step of the way, where they were in charge of their own learning.

And this is the premise of montessori by itself. Children learn on their own, through discovery. We only need to guide them in the right direction and provide the right materials and nudge.

You can understand montessori by observing a child than reading a book. Don’t believe me? For a kid, true happiness comes from doing an activity, not completing it and finding an answer. Their focus is always clearly on the process and not the outcome. It is not unacceptable if she reads a book backwards or upside down as long as she is engaging herself and exploring the material. It is great if I ask her to transfer water from a jug into a glass, but I find her engrossed in exploring the flowing motion of water. It is amazing if I expect her to build a structure with blocks, but I find her sorting them according to color instead.

Learning journeys through play

Learning  occurs when a child engages actively in a purposeful activity. So if we give them a series of the right tools, they are sure to journey through all areas of learning with great gusto and enjoyment arriving at answers at each stage on their own.

So as a new mom, my new learning areas include physically caring for a baby, understanding her emotional needs, multitasking, time management, planning activities for her, etc. Just like each of us have a different journeys running simultaneously all teaching us something different, so also at any point in time, the child is not on one particular journey alone. A particular child, maybe at a point where she/he is, at the same time,

  • Learning to read 3 letter words
  • Becoming familiar with the sequence of numbers
  • Starting to use 2 hands for some activities
  • Becoming aware of cause and effect

Every child is unique in the way they start and move through these journeys. Learning is never a single occurrence, learning even one single concept involves a series of steps.

And that is another reason why we love Skola toys. Every concept based toy from here, systematically takes the child through a series of experiences that are incrementally challenging, thus enabling them to discover and learn something new at each stage.

An example of a mathematical learning journey is shown below:



The same would hold true for other areas of learning too- say science or language.

Visit to understand children’s learning journeys and view toys that facilitate incremental learning.

Enable our future generations to play, explore and discover through “Learning Journeys designed as Play”.

To read up more on why early learning is important and the right toy selection, vital, click here . Do keep watching this space for another interesting post on Skola Toys.

Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post. However, I only recommend toys that I personally love, and this happens to be one of them.

Das Din – A baby book with a difference

As conscious parents who want to introduce quality regional language books to our littles, we are always on the lookout for good baby literature.
Ditto me! I was hunting for good Tamil and Hindi books to introduce to baby V. There are quite a few publishers who do this ( we will be covering all in a series) but most of them were for slightly older toddlers.
That is when I chanced upon T4Tales, or rather Tiny Tots Tiny Tales.


Catchy cover, eh?

Retold by Pridhee Kapoor Gupta and illustrated by Alicia D’souza, this book is a must have for your child’s library.
Read on to find out more about the book and author.
Listing down what we loved about this book
  • Extremely catchy illustrations, including the bright cover page.
  • Interactive. – So this doesn’t just have lift the flaps! From opening doors, to pouring 5 spoons of medicine to measuring the temperature, this one has a wide range of activities.
  • Sturdy. I know all board books are sturdy, but this one takes the cake. It is a permanent fixture in our diaper bag and wr have carried it along to doctor visits and vacays and it stays perfect.
  •  Hindi rewrite : As a multilingual family, with baby V exposed to 3 different languages everyday, it became important to incorporate these languages in her favourite daily activity- reading. This is one of the best ‘baby’ multilingual board books Ive come across.
  •  Lines in Hindi as well as English. Usually multilingual books carry the lines in the regional language and the English translation. Pridhee has taken the hard route and used the Latin script for the same words. Totally encourages us to literally read in Hindi.
  • Price – At an attractive price of 350 INR, it is a steal deal.
We loved the book so much, that I had to talk to the brain behind it.
I was in awe of this superwoman- mom of two, molecular biologist, lecturer turned author ( My God woman! Is there anything you cant do?).
Having lived(flourished) in Australia, she moved back to India to be closer to family. She wanted to expose her daughters to quality Indian children books and thought she would find them here. Well, those who cant find it, create. And create she did!
She says, ” There are 3 kinds of book reading parents.
1. Who do not need a book to tell stories.
2. Who need that perfect book to initiate reading.
3. Who use books that are available.”
Take a guess as to which category she belongs to?
Lucky for us, she believed in that perfect book, and set off to create one.
There are 3 titles available currently – Gol Mol, Das din and Bolo kya.

T4 Tales do retellings as well as original stories.
Currently, they are considering venturing into other regional languages ( thanks to pressure from crazy parents like me). Go ahead, do tell us which language you’d like to see this translated to.
You can currently purchase the book from amazon here or from shumee toys, here .
And keep watching this space for a fun announcement.

Thats not my Amma.

So I sat and thought (and thought and thought) about what my first post should be about. I wanted it to be an introductory post for those who do not know me. About what kind of Amma I am, and why amma in the first place. But I am horrible at introductions.

And finally, as always, inspiration struck while reading to Baby V (2 of my favourite creative outlets. And inlets)

Here is Baby V introducing me in Usborne books style. This is also a list of the most surprising and unexpected ways in which motherhood changed me. I was prepared for the sleepless nights and physical changes. What I wasn’t prepared for was the way I reacted to these changes.


Much as I would hesitate to admit, I still cant resist beautiful and colorful clothes. I still love shopping for clothes (although Ive gone up by a size or two) . However, they are no longer sparkling clean. I was prepared for unkempt clothes. What took me by surprise was that, at any given point of time, I, in all probability, would be sporting atleast 2 body fluid stains and 1 food stain on whatever I am wearing. I dont intend to keep up this fashion trend forever, but all in good time.


So pregnancy gave me beautiful, voluminous and luxurious tresses. And once the baby popped, so did my hair. I, who scoffed at pony tails and buns, now understand the comfort and practicality of the “mom bun” and short hair crop.

No matter how many scratch marksI get from loving you, everyday isHug Your Cat Day for me! (2)

I’m an introverted extroverted introvert (go figure!). However, during the reading I did when preggers, I chanced upon how important it is to keep talking to and communicating with your baby. And I can see the difference it is making. So, there is never a dull moment at home. Either Baby V is babbling or banging things or I’m singing or talking to her. Almost every waking moment. Our once silent home, is now a cacophony of our antics; and it is lovely!


Although I take great pains to keep our home cosy and wardrobes clean, and extra effort to keep Baby V’s things in order, I hate tidying up. There! I said it! There is no greater pain than putting away blocks 29 times a day. My kitchen counter is certainly not neat. My house is a mess. A beautiful mess. And I would rather spend my day playing with V, or tidying up with her than straighten cushions.


As you may have guessed, by my excessive use of commas, and my picking up blocks 29 times a day, I may have a slight obsessive compulsive disorder. I would love to be the relaxed and chilled mom, but for now, I worry constantly, about Baby V’s nap schedules , her food, her toys, her books,….you get the drift, don’t you?


This was the one change that scared me the most and took me by the greatest surprise. All through pregnancy, I worried incessantly- about how I could take responsibility of another person, and how I was going to mess it up. But suddenly, once she was here, I knew! I knew what her cries meant, I knew how to put her to sleep, I knew when she was uncomfortable, I knew when she was okay, and most importantly, I knew when I did not know, and that was when Id ask for help.

Im gonna write this at the risk of sounding like a prose version of Disney’s Mother Knows best. Although I’m far from perfect, and my parenting style may be exactly the same as or starkly different from anyone else, I know Baby V best. When I need help, I always ask. Advice, help, discussions? Always welcome. Judgement? No. And this applies for all the ammas, ammis, moms, mummies, mothers, aais and maas. When it comes to your baby, always always trust your judgement okay?

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Ethiopian uniting which is absolutely particular. Ethiopian men and women over the internet this can be online dating for. Keep a comment

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2. what’s the shape for the cohabiting domestic? The shape for the average cohabiting family is both forecast and rather unusual.

2. what’s the shape for the cohabiting domestic? The shape for the average cohabiting family is both forecast and rather unusual.

Persons with lower levels of religious engagement and people who have experienced interruption within their mom and dad’ relationships or a prior relationship that belongs to them tend individuals for cohabitation. People with decreased levels of knowledge and making energy cohabit more often and get married considerably frequently than those with degree. An average cohabiting residence keeps with each other for only over twelve month and children come with two-fifths top households. The male is more regularly serial or repeat cohabitors, move from wife to wife, while lady are likely to cohabit one specific moments.

4. Just what are the advantages for cohabitation?

The declining significance of wedding being the core with the group is actually large role a direct result increasing secularization and individualization in first-world people. Aversion to longterm responsibilities is amongst the distinguishing traits of the fashions and an important grounds for cohabitation. Key goals earlier regarding nuptials, including sexual relationships, childbearing, and building partners families, these days take place without matrimony. Everyone like to cohabit intoxicated by these educational worth but also for very specific excellent. Many are hoping to assure a long term future marriage and think that a “sample marriage” will make this happen; the majority are merely dwelling collectively because it looks most financially feasible or as it has become the cultural norm. As a whole, cohabitors usually are not a homogenous or massive crowd, though totally their basic characteristics is generally expressed. The reasons why for going with cohabitation are often merged: cohabitation might in equal portion an alternative choice to relationship and an attempt to create for relationship. Continue reading →

Instruction Libertic Comme la creme a l’egard de partie contre amoureux ? ) Tuyau aussi bien que Arnaque ? )

Instruction Libertic Comme la creme a l’egard de partie contre amoureux ? ) Tuyau aussi bien que Arnaque ? )

Par l’intermediaire de la affluence d’outilsEt il va simple de parcourir habilement mille avec aspects coquins Le fantastique site internet accable les derniers cote abris pour becher en rapport avec Grace a d’alternatives amas pour un comble avec contentement thymus de veau et de constitution Aupres surs defauts concernant effectuer une chairSauf Que Libertic empli complet Finalement offrir un resultat a l’exclusion de felure principalement essentiellement pour les entrain

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Daselbst kannst du Singles qua 50 Bekanntschaft machen, die auch unter dieser Ermittlung seien

Daselbst kannst du Singles qua 50 Bekanntschaft machen, die auch unter dieser Ermittlung seien

Töne wahrnehmen, Umwelt Tierkreiszeichen: Du möchtest wieder einen Untersuchung sich ein Herz fassen um deinen Gatte fürs wohnen drogenberauscht aufspürenAlpha Welche Singlebörse war Wafer Richtige für jedes dichAlpha Der Vereinbarung vor einer Eintragung lohnt gegenseitig. Zum Singlebörsen-Vergleich.

Er Abhängigkeitserkrankung Sie

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Nicht lediglich zu Handen Deutsche, sondern zweite Geige Bei Ein Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft und Ostmark

Nicht lediglich zu Handen Deutsche, sondern zweite Geige Bei Ein Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft und Ostmark

Solcher Videochat verbindet nach Mark Zufallsprinzip Tausende Menschen aus allen Winkeln BRD. Hierbei kannst respons deinen Nachbarn und auch angewandten Fremden aus verkrachte Existenz weiteren Raum und auch Gemarkung treffen. Dies sei ausschlie?lich Gunstgewerblerin einer vielen Funktionen, Pass away Perish Flugel auf diese Weise Punkte sammeln. .

Der Hauptzweck des Cam-Chats liegt darin, den Nutzern Wafer bestmogliche Risiko drauf auffuhren, irgendwer Neuen kennenzulernen Unter anderem seinen Seelenverwandten drogenberauscht aufspuren. Live-Kommunikation per Webcam wird der schnellste verschwunden des Online-Datings. Wo ansonsten Ubereilung du expire Aussicht, faul durch daheim alle mit dass vielen verschiedenen leute drogenberauscht schwatzenEffizienz

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Lass mich daruber erzahlen Asiaten Bei Recklinghausen Bekanntschaft machen

Lass mich daruber erzahlen Asiaten Bei Recklinghausen Bekanntschaft machen

Naja sowie du schlechthin Schon Kontakt anhand Asiaten hatten willst, kannst respons dich schlie?lich wohnhaft bei anmelden, welches wird eine Seite, wo alleinig asiatische Manner Unter anderem.

Wo kann Selbst asiatische Manner kennen lernenWirkungsgrad

Kontaktanzeigen aufwarts Quoka: Asiatische Frauen within Recklinghausen. Jetzt hinein meine Wenigkeit mochte die eine attraktive oder ehrliche asiatische Ehefrau kennenlernen. Selbst bin Kontaktanzeigen uff Quoka: Thailaenderinnen in Recklinghausen. expire bereits hinein Deutschland wohnen weiters werken Bekanntschaft machen im Griff haben einen anstandigen.

Kreisdurchmesser – Budingen ungefahr Durchmesser eines kreises – Frankenfurt Goldstein gegen Cookies beistehen uns bei einer Zurverfugungstellung unserer Dienste.

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Finest 3 motorcycle online internet sites which happen to be internet dating software for encounter bike single men and women.

Finest 3 motorcycle online internet sites which happen to be internet dating software for encounter bike single men and women.

Leading 3 motorcycle on the web sites which happen to be a relationship programs for encounter bike single men and women

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But 6 months ago somebody from Bogota COLUMBIA took out a credit card in my name and I blamed a nephew on this. But I downloaded that browser he talked about that hides my IP tackle and I logged in and didn’t do what he stated which was go into the rooms be a ghost. But first as soon as I go into web site they observe me and the browser works however why if call it a FREE site why do you should observe. You not monitoring scammers because I know available of 4 as a result of tried to get me and report it and so they nonetheless there. But I went into the American rooms the ones he known as impartial the positioning was monitoring me however the girls wasn’t. Here’s the scary part, and I did the same factor he says he done except I’m signed in. Now this Identity Theft and just like he said it is MAJOR.

There are some websites like Chaturbate but it’s hard to seek out one thing with better content material. The web site is friendly for all users – straight and homosexual or with specified preferences. Joining the site chaturba is free – Chaturbate Registration is gratis and it takes only a while to arrange an account. What’s essential, you don’t have to attach your bank card with the account then .

How Can I Delete My Chaturbate Account And Cancel My Subscription?

There were 1,258 guys logged in when I visited the location, and so they’re from all over the world. North Americans, South Americans and Europeans make up the most important percentage, however there were performers from Asia and some from “different”. While more of the fellows on cam by themselves, there were extra guy/guy couples this time and even some threesomes.

chaturbate review

On Chaturbate you presumably can enjoy probably the most exciting and erotic cam reveals both paid and unpaid. Paying members even have the choice to send messages to models, give tips to their favorite models, ship personal messages to fashions and so they can ask a model for a non-public present. You will of course wonder how to send a personal message to your favourite model. To send a PM, you have to first click on the model’s username within the chat or in the consumer record. By utilizing this selection you possibly can share all your sexual desires and fantasies along with your favorite mannequin and who knows, you would possibly also be spoiled in the course of the mannequin’s cam present. I get extra into it beneath in our website abstract, however I actually have to say that utilizing your smartphone on Chaturbate is what has lead to the massive recognition development of this cam site.

That way, you all the time know when to re-up your credit when watching your stay cam exhibits. On Chaturbate there are several sorts of chats obtainable to entry by viewers. Their prices are totally different and it implies that all people can discover one thing matching there. You can spend as much as 90 tokens per minute on chat or simply having great time with sending tips to broadcasters in the cheaper choice. Just like many other free sex chat sites, Chaturbate uses the tag system, which saves them a lot of work categorizing every thing themselves by letting the fashions do it for them. All cam fashions on the site can tag themselves with the classes related to their present to turn into more visible to members looking for a particular kink. Unfortunately, just like in different cam sites that uses this perform, it isn’t regulated, and so does not actually work.

Exhibitionists On Chaturbate

As a free user, you could be muted and unable to participate in most rooms, but shopping for a tokens bundle even simply as quickly as will change that. In terms of single cam websites, Chaturbate has the most important choice. During most instances of the day, Chaturbate has over four,000 webcam rooms to choose from, all of that are additionally listed on our homepage.

The first one is connected with selecting an username – if a nick isn’t out there don’t fear, just choose other username, changing the entire name or adding numbers or letters. There is an option to customise your profile after confirming your membership so you’ll have the ability to add information to your account anytime. In terms of numbers, Chaturbate is probably going one of the high five. You’ll see wherever from 1,000 to three,000 streamers online which are prepared and keen to have a good time. Alongside your commonplace personal shows, Chaturbate has a crowd-fund characteristic where everybody can chip in a quantity of dollars to get the lady going crazy in a matter of minutes.

It is sweet to know what you’re getting into earlier than investing money into somehting. You can cancel the recurring $19.95 month-to-month at any time by visiting Chaturbate’s membership cancellation web page. [newline]We suggest you to do so immediately if you have any intention of ever collaborating in the chat rooms. Fill in your username, password, e mail handle, birthday and gender.

chaturbate review

Our web site is correctly labeled to assist in the safety of minors accessing inappopriate content material. User FeedbackMost latest user reviews and feedback, up to 10 each displayed. Check out their store to buy Chaturbate shirts, mugs, stickers, intercourse toys and extra. You gain the power to PM anybody, the option to alter your font and text shade in the chat rooms, and an ad-free interface. Your most suitable choice is to purchase the dearer tokens package to get a bigger bonus. Zero repercussions up to now and zero failsafes to forestall fashions from taking your tokens and then banning you, signing off, or making a password for the room. With her experiences she likes to assist different webcam fashions to make the proper selections.

Most Mentioned Chaturbate Complaints

Aside from that, there are additionally blog posts out there on the bottom of the entrance web page. More typically than not, these are spotlights of the site’s extra profitable models, and are a good way to get your self familiar with Chaturbate’s more skilled and well-liked cam babes. This is a good option for anybody who needs to see some heavier motion for reasonable without any curiosity in communicating with the cam girl, as properly as for all you voyeurs out there. The amount of beautiful nude webcam girls on Chaturbate is nothing less than mind-boggling, however it would not have been such an excellent cam website if it stopped there. The ladies are congenial and responsive, and sometimes instances seem eager to get off on your command.

chaturbate review

When you initially log in the alternative of cams will default to the ‘Featured’ cams and give you the choice of selecting from these by Male, Female, Trans, Couples or Spy Shows. Chaturbate offers a spread of how to search out cams to suit you. The overwhelming majority of cams are fairly good with an rising number in HD. Not solely that but customers come from everywhere in the world but are predominantly English speaking and largely from the US, Canada, the UK or Australia and New Zealand. However, there are cams from across Asia, Russia and Europe. Although amateurs, performers on Chaturbate have gone on to win awards at intercourse industry awards exhibits with some big names even breaking into the skilled porn markets.

Chaturbate has a very simple registration process. There’s no want for email verification to activate your account or linking of social media accounts to signal up. If you’d prefer to cancel your membership, you’ll be able to easily handle to do so by clicking “My Profile” on the top proper of the location and then going to the “Memberships” tab. Upon cancelation, you may obtain a affirmation e-mail together with the date your upgraded entry will finish.

Chaturbate Review: In

You can see tons of nudity with out spending tokens and have lots of great pleasure with only few coins, especially should you prefer public chats with tipping as the one cost technique. Some of them are linked also with utilizing intercourse toys and as a result of of this you and your ideas can have the influence of model’s experiences. Sometimes there may be also the special menu with the value listing connected with specified sexual actions – then all room guests spend their tokens to set the aim able to do. Thanks to this, you possibly can spend just few coins and participate in long and pleasurable show with greatest grownup models obtainable in the whole net.

  • I saw tons of girls using 720p and 1080p high quality webcams.
  • If your preferences aren’t set together with your specified taste, every thing begins each time with options cams.
  • You can save non-public broadcast exhibits in addition to gather pictures and videos out of your favorite performers .
  • In the meantime, you must calculate the costs by dividing tokens by the worth of tokens per minute for those models.

Since its inception in 2011, Chaturbate has remained adamant in staying a free sex chat website whereas still providing its members with a fantastic person experience. Right as you enter the location, you will note a grid of nude webcam ladies, transgenders, and males filling the entrance page, and almost all of them astonishingly stunning. This will probably distract you entirely from the negligible amount of advertisements , and will provide you with a good suggestion of what is going on on within the cam rooms. Now, do notice that there are other live cam fashions on Chaturbate who do a combination of those two reveals, it all relies upon who you wanna watch and how many tokens you’re keen to throw at them. Now, I’d be mendacity if I informed you guys that that wasn’t the main reason that I decided to lastly try Chaturbate. Because, honestly, the cam site sport has turn into tedious to me, all because of a couple of unpleasant experiences I’ve had with other sex chat sites earlier than. I mean I’m a VERY loyal customer when it comes to cam sites and I do get pleasure from seeing the identical cam fashions I know can get me off.

This evaluation include our sincere choices, nonetheless GayDemon obtain commission from a membership sale if you resolve to affix this web site. We can only continue to write evaluations along with your support through your purchases. Colbymoney is a furry hunk with a properly furry chest, pits and legs, and he was totally naked when I first entered his chat room. He was fingering his hole around the butt plug he had in his ass as he stroked his huge, fat and exhausting cock enthusiastically, all of the whereas chatting with viewers and receiving suggestions. He’s good looking, and after I saw him, he had a day’s progress of beard.

Chaturbate Com Evaluation: Is Chaturbate Safe? Learn This Entire Review First

These photos and video clips are offered on the mannequin’s profile, which means just under her chat room. As much as Chaturbate is an amazing cam website for those looking to watch nude webcam girls perform, it’s also a great intercourse chat site for those thinking about some manly action. There are loads of gay models on Chaturbate, and they vary from the twink to the bear. A lot of them are both fit or ripped, and all of them love the attention. Like I said above, you’ll have the ability to actually find absolutely anything on Chaturbate.

Unconscionable conduct. General penalty axioms

Unconscionable conduct. General penalty axioms

Justice Davies unearthed that the money shop have involved with unconscionable conduct in contrast to s 12CB of this ASIC work by offering CCI to users from August 2010 to March 2012.[16] Justice Davies’ reasoning concentrated regarding the proven fact that “CCI is not likely to [have] become of every used to clients” and consequently, the insurance had not been more likely to has ever conferred an advantage.[17]

Findings on penalty

Extrapolation of findings

Issue of the way the Court could, and really should, extrapolate their findings of obligation in terms of the 281 contract tendered to all the 325,756 credit agreements had been reserved for the hearing on penalty and ended up being the main topic of the Penalty choice.

ASIC would not look for findings of contravention pertaining to one other credit agreements joined into throughout the relevant duration. Instead, ASIC presented that the Court should look at the “statistical likelihood” that similar contraventions on a single scale will be present in respect associated with the more agreements.[18] In this respect, ASIC tried to count on expert proof. The specialist offered proof so it might be stated with 95% self-confidence that the Court’s findings with regards to the 281 agreements could possibly be extrapolated to the other agreements joined into throughout the period that is relevant being July 2010 – September 2012.[19] The Court accepted ASIC’s submission and consented it was appropriate into the circumstances take into consideration the expert’s research and also the analytical odds of comparable contraventions according of all of the associates entered into on the appropriate duration.[20]

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Pay check creditors put on lobbyists for rate cap fight

Pay check creditors put on lobbyists for rate cap fight

The average indivdual which removes a short-term financing borrows about $650 and will pay about 340 percentage curiosity. But charge on label and payment money would-be capped at 36 % if a coalition of reformers gains down over a cadre of lobbyists throughout 2015 legislative period.

There was 657 tiny creditors in brand new Mexico in 2013, many charging much more than 175 %, as indicated by a written report from your condition legislations and Licensing office.

The industry’s supporters claim they give poor people usage of bucks they mayn’t create from a financial institution and therefore clients which need small amounts and pay them straight back in good time don’t invest a lot curiosity.

Success Functions, a financial therapies not-for-profit push the change, built-up widely readily available records and counted two number of lobbyists doing work for tiny creditors. Continue reading →