Experiences that are rich- pillars of montessori parenting

Everything children see, hear, feel, touch, or even smell impacts their brain and thus influences the way they view and interact with their world—including their family, neighbors, strangers, friends, classmates, and even themselves. I've prepared a simple list of experiences that busy parents, overwhelmed parents, and lazy parents like myself can give the child. Take what is possible and leave the rest.

Freedom within limits- Montessori parenting pillars

One cannot flourish, work with purpose or think effectively in an environment we don't feel completely comfortable of free in. Now that we have established that the child flourishes in a rich environment that she explores and learns from, herself, we realise that the child, a lot like adults needs freedom. Guided freedom or freedom within a framework of limits.Freedom and discipline are two sides of the same coin, and scientific freedom invariably leads to discipline.