Yes! You can do it yourself!- Raising independent toddlers

I consider myself a very Do-it-yourself mom. Every time my girl asks me if she can do something on her own, I tell her, "Yep, do it yourself!" Our belief is that being independent is the ultimate goal. And as much as we are tempted to, we have to avoid helping her with something she can do on her own. And because all her chores are child-led, there is dignity of labour and fewer refusals and arguments to do chores.

Rainbows: lessons in colours

Even before V could identify colours ( she took a really long time to learn them) , she was fascinated by rainbows. It was possibly because of the burst of colours, or the fact that she had only seen one once. Either ways it was a fabulous opportunity to learn about natural phenomena and colours.

Poop: Lessons in biology, zoology and social grace

I was warned by a few people that her fascination with poop is not socially acceptable and I would need to discipline her. But hey, why should I discipline a 2 year old for being wonderfully curious about something, no? I figured that she was just getting aware of her own bodily functions and considering we don't talk about the toilet as much as say, animals or food or books, she was just satisfying her curiosity. Plus, there are so many amazing things to learn!