Sleep routine for the win!

"Sleep while the baby sleeps", they said. "Sleep all you can before she pops out", they said. And once she was here, every conversation with the sleep deprived mom (me) involved the question "Is she sleeping through the night yet?" (As if her not sleeping through was another evidence of the failure of a mom I was gonna be). Read on to know how a sleep routine helped us and how you can get a bedtime box.


When children set out to learn a certain “something”, the journey to learn that is critical. Read on to know how you can set your child on a learning journey through play.

9 not-so-princessy children’s books

If you,like me are a parent and grew up on princess stories, where the protagonist is a damsel in distress, waiting around for her knight in shining armor to rescue her while she preens and adjusts her hair, this is for you. Dont get me wrong, I dont mean to scoff at classics, well maybe I do. Raising my daughter is something I take very seriously, and exposing her to strong women role models is top on my agenda.  So for every Sleeping beauty and Cinderella we receive, I go ahead and order 2 books of my choice for baby V, mostly from the list below. If you are hunting for the perfect not-so- princess stories for your child, read on.

Das Din – A baby book with a difference

As conscious parents who want to introduce quality regional language books to our littles, we are always on the lookout for good baby literature.  Ditto me! I was hunting for good Tamil and Hindi books to introduce to baby V. There are quite a few publishers who do this ( we will be covering all in a series) but most of them were for slightly older toddlers.